Living Off-Grid in the Winter

Living Off-Grid in the Winter

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Just some of the challenges living #offgrid in the #Colorado winter! #VHMariposa

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Green Builder Media President, Ron Jones, at Mariposa Meadows

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - 7:30am

It should not have come as a shock. After all, we had been contending with a series of fall storms for a few weeks already, in our attempts to secure the compound for the upcoming winter months—a time when the snow would be measured in feet, and the roads would be closed until next spring. Some of the trips to and from the job site had already become “white knucklers,” as we charged into the drifts and hoped that by sticking together everyone could avoid needing a tow.

Battling cold temperatures and slick terrain, alternately icy and muddy, comes with the territory, but it’s still worrisome to pay the crew to shovel snow so they can actually get to the work they are really there to do. Fortunately, they are efficient at both, and uncomplaining, so we had been able to dry in the buildings and secure the considerable amount of material onsite as we pushed toward one last milestone for the season: getting that final slab poured, before it was too late.