The Latest Green News from Green Builder Media

The Latest Green News from Green Builder Media

November 20, 2014 Edition
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The framing structure is filled with straw bales, then directly applies a lime plaster once they are covered with mesh. The bales, mesh and plaster all play a role in handling lateral loads

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Setting the Right Priorities Over the course of our nation’s history, there have been many issues that have sparked political and emotional division in the way that we see our relationship with nature. Protection of the northern spotted owl is an example of one such issue.

Mariposa Meadows Takes Shape The Mariposa Meadows project was delivered to its remote site as a fabricated SIPs package. The lumber installation and SIP preassembly was quickly done onsite giving new life to an already vibrant natural environment. Here's how this innovative off-the-grid project looks now.

Pedal Power Meets Solar Power in the Netherlands Here is an idea with some traction. November 12 the first commuter solar bike path opened in an Amsterdam suburb, providing a prototype for solar-powering roadways.

IBHS Urges Stronger Houses to Be Built October 29 marked the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) continues to urge residents to repair and rebuild communities to withstand future natural disasters. The institute offers downloadable guidance on how to strengthen structures.

Straw Bale Revival A revival of straw bale building is under way, with home builders seeking the desirable qualities of these highly insulated, attractive and renewable homes.

The Role of Hydronics in Home Comfort When it comes to sustainability and comfort, it’s no longer an either/or dilemma. Low emissions and low carbon footprints don’t need to equate to poor comfort. With radiant hydronic systems, gone are the problems of comfortable main levels, hot second levels and freezing basements. Register for this free webinar now.

Green Goings-On Looking to network with like-minded, green building professionals? Check out our Green Goings On listing, which is regularly updated with information about important upcoming green conferences and events.