Landsec Publishes 2019 Sustainability Update

Landsec Publishes 2019 Sustainability Update

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Find insight, performance and disclosures throughout @landsecgroup's Annual Report via @ReportAlert. Highlights include getting people furthest from the jobs market into work, exciting recycling projects and becoming a signatory of the UN Global Compact:

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Monday, June 10, 2019 - 8:00am

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June 10, 2019

“Sustainability is about the actions we take to fulfil our purpose so Landsec prospers far into the future. We want customers to prefer our spaces. We want communities to be pleased it’s us operating in their area. We want partners to share our priorities. And we want employees to invest their energy and ambition here. When we get all this right, we create value for our investors.” Robert Noel, Chief Executive, Landsec

Landsec’s sustainability programme focuses on three key areas:

  • Creating jobs and opportunities
  • Efficient use of natural resources
  • Sustainable design and innovation

This year you’ll find insight, performance and disclosures throughout Landsec’s Annual Report, 2019 Sustainability Performance Data Report and across the sustainability section of

Landsec’s 2018/19 highlights include meeting its 2020 Community Employment commitment to get 1,200 people furthest from the jobs market into work, launching exciting consumer-focused recycling projects to tackle coffee cup, single-use plastic and fashion waste and becoming a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

During the year the business also announced an ambitious new commitment to create £25m of social value through its community programmes by 2025. Through this new commitment Landsec will focus on delivering impactful employment, education and volunteering projects, targeting the opportunities which create the most value to society.

Key results:

People furthest from job market supported into employment through Landsec’s Community Employment Programme

Social value created through Landsec’s community programmes and partnerships

Hours of volunteering given by Landsec employees, supporting its employment and education programmes

kWh of electricity produced every year from Landsec’s latest solar project at Westgate, enough to power 8 households for a year

Costs avoided for customers through energy efficiency projects

Total contribution to the UK economy each year from people based at Landsec assets

Brands signed up to Landsec’s ‘Refill Me’ campaign tackling single-use plastics

of social value Landsec has committed to generate by 2025

of waste diverted from landfill

Find out more

You can see detailed performance and disclosures in Landsec’s 2019 Sustainability Performance and Data report, plus more detail on its policies and approach to environmental, social and governance issues at

For further queries contact Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability, Public Affairs and Health, Safety & Security:

For regular sustainability updates follow Landsec:
Twitter: @landsecgroup
LinkedIn: /landsec

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