Interviewing Military Veterans - A Successful & Legal Conversation

Interviewing Military Veterans - A Successful & Legal Conversation

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Tips for a successful & legal interview with a military veteran via @vetsbridgecom #hireveterans

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Tip for Effectively Interviewing Vetearns

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 10:00am


Employers – you’ve made the commitment to hire; you’re plugged into a service like VetsBridge which has provided you with connections to post-military veteran talent; and you’re ready to start the interview process. As you approach the interviews, you begin to outline questions for the candidate and realize you’re unsure if you should approach this differently than you would with a civilian interview. You begin to wonder if the veteran has PTSD. You’re also curious why they left the service; could they have been booted out?

Stop right there. Part of ramping up your veteran hiring efforts is to become fully aware of the legality of your questions and what is discussed during an interview. For starters, PTSD is an illness which would be classified as disability. If you were to learn of such illness and later decide not to hire the candidate, whether that was the reason or not, you’re at risk of violating discrimination laws. Would you ask any other candidate about their health or mental history? No.  Next up, discharge status. There are many reasons why veterans leave the service, but beyond whether their discharge was honorable, the details are not yours to learn. As noted by, “just limit it to a “yes or no” answer… a service member can receive a discharge that is less than honorable, but still favorable for a variety of reasons.”

What can you ask? There are plenty of other relevant and perfectly legal conversations to have.

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