Improving Veteran Transitions Through the Legal System

Improving Veteran Transitions Through the Legal System

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In Our Name - Restoring Justice in America

New York State Defenders Association

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 12:05pm


When the concept started to become a reality, the investor team and our CEO made it clear that they wanted this to be different from other job boards in many ways. Not only does the entire business model challenge the way that recruiting works and simplifies the process for both parties, but VetsBridge supports a number of initiatives that work to improve the quality of lives for veterans transitioning to civilian life – especially veterans who are struggling through the process.

The core essence of is providing services and resources that not just help employers and veterans connect, but improve the general quality of life for our returning heroes. There are so many challenges associated with the transition, and it’s our goal to help bring attention and solutions to these.

First, we partner with and support the In Our Name organization, through seminars, conferences, and general resources, they aim to call attention to the issue of restorative justice to the general public, in hopes to improve the understanding and support for veterans and the issues they face. An excellent example talk can be found here.

Next, by partnering with the New York State Defenders is hoping to encourage the passing of the Justice for Our Veterans Act. According to the Times Union, this is

“…a bill that would create a legal framework in which current or former members of the military accused of crimes would be assessed to see if problems related to their service – whether mental or physical – contributed to their alleged misdeeds. Gary Horton of the Defenders Association said he was confident the bill would withstand any constitutional concerns that it might create a special class of defendants within the criminal justice system. “Veterans are different, and unless you understand the military experience and the military culture and what these young people … went through, you don’t understand the basis for their actions and their conduct,” Horton said.”

We hope that by establishing our business on these sound principles, that veterans deserve to find career satisfaction in a painless manner and be welcomed into an understanding society, we’ll contribute to overall improved military-to-civilian transitions.