The HydroPack - Help is on the Way

The HydroPack - Help is on the Way

Hydration for a World in Need
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Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 10:00am

The HydroPack™ is a single-use emergency water filter that delivers 500 milliliters of hydration from virtually any water source. When a HydroPack is dropped in a polluted source, water is filtered as it is drawn through the membrane overnight by osmosis, mixing with electrolytes and nutrient-rich powders to create a safe, flavored and life-saving drink.

The HydroPack uses a unique cellulose membrane that provides the highest degree of filtration possible. This paper-thin barrier – developed by HTI and made from Eastman’s cellulose acetate – blocks dirt, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants with a success rate that exceeds EPA standards for water purification. Once water is drawn in, the HydroPack’s protective membrane eliminates the possibility of recontamination. The nutrient powder inside produces an osmotic pressure that naturally draws water in through the membrane. HTI’s filtration process is known as forward osmosis and is identical to the process plants use to pull water into their roots. Eastman and HTI have collaborated in bringing together a brilliant technology and a thoughtful design to create the safest and most reliable mobile water filtration system available.

With an effective technology in order, HTI and Eastman sought the help of the design community in refining the idea for a more impactful end product. Modern Edge of Portland worked directly with communities in need to provide ethnographic research that would help identify communications problems and solutions. RKS Design took these ideas and helped shape an integrated approach between technology, design and implementation. Together, these collaborators have come up with a solution that is truly innovative in response to one of the most difficult challenges in any disaster relief effort – providing safe drink for those in need.



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