Healing War Wounds - Resources for Veterans for Easing Transitions

Healing War Wounds - Resources for Veterans for Easing Transitions

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Government & private resources like @Vetsbridgecom aid transitioning veterans as they heal war wounds http://goo.gl/ZV2W7e

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Healing War Wounds

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 2:15pm


Whenever I think about the problems in my day-to-day life, I stop and take a moment to think about the thousands of people who have sacrificed so much to serve in our military. I secretly say, “thank you,” and realize my problems pale in comparison to returning veterans.

I recently read an article on the Inside Higher Ed blog that highlighted some enormous challenges that veterans face to heal war wounds. Author Charlie Tyson looks into the the struggles that Jon Miller faced when transitioning to college life after more than 15 years in the Army Reserves. Transitioning to college life after multiple deployments was incredibly hard. In the story, Miller said, “I had a lot of anxiety. When you got through the military, and especially when you’re this age, you want to strive to not only pass, but get toward the top.”

Miller isn’t noticeably hurt, but he has some breathing problems that may have been the effect of chemicals used in warfare. His goal of majoring in civil engineering was also a challenge as he had to dig deep to get back into that student mindset, while still dealing with his hidden war wounds. But Miller isn’t alone.

Veterans transitioning to civilian life and becoming students have made headway. Read on to hear what passed in Congress last week which is a start... 

Healing War Wounds

Written by Barb Hernandez. Barb is a Public Relations Guru (APR), with more than three decades of living and working in southern Wisconsin, working with clients around the globe. Her specialties include writing, crisis management and strategic communications for hundreds of diverse industries from agriculture, healthcare and the environment to science, veteran support and community giving.


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