Growing Global Complince On Bribery & Corruption. Companies Doing Business Globally Should Be Keeping Up

Growing Global Complince On Bribery & Corruption. Companies Doing Business Globally Should Be Keeping Up

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Growing global compliance in #corruption & #bribery. Any size company needs to be aware and ready. @sourceintel
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 3:15pm

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As the increase in global enforcement, for corruption and bribery is on the rise, companies are in need to understand the changing landscape that can affect the way they do business domestically and internationally. Of course, the FCPA is the most notable regulation that companies are aware of when doing business, but there are a growing number of regulations that are coming around that mimic the same rules that are as well known as the FCPA.

With increased urgency from countries to better equip themselves in combatting these bribery and corruption issues, companies are required to have plans in place in order to abide by the rules and regulations within the country they are doing business in. Many companies, especially large enterprises, are aware of their internal structures and have plans in place to deal with the threat internally. Typically the greatest risk falls within the 3rd parties that most of these companies are dealing business with in other global markets.

Brazil is one of the leading global economies and has bolstered a steady stream of business development. Being a leading global market place, Brazil has increased its efforts in making sure that ethical business practices are taking effect with the increase in commercialization and business relations.

The Brazilian Clean Companies Act offers many of the same restrictions as those as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK. Bribery Act, with most of its emphasis on working and dealing with 3rd parties. Many companies, especially those that are small to mid-sized are looking into ways to cooperate with these growing regulations.

In this series of Source Intelligence webinars, the primary focus will be on understanding the complexity of the Brazilian Clean Companies Act and how taking a risk management systems approach can be the most effective form of complying with these emerging global regulations. Click here to learn more.