Green Living Business Forum and Innovations Exhibit 2012

Green Living Business Forum and Innovations Exhibit 2012

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Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 9:00pm

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WHAT: Gain valuable insights as key industry players discuss the future of investing in Canadian green innovation and water technology, and how industry giants are forming strategic partnerships with early-stage green innovators.

Take a guided tour of the NEW Green Innovations and Inventions Exhibit – Meet the CEOs and inventors during a private tour of the best and most promising technological advancements all in one interactive display designed to spark sector awareness and investment. Learn about the latest technology and advances in solar, wind, energy storage and energy efficiency technologies—all of it developed in Ontario.

Highlights of Exhibit:

Hydrostor – imagine a network of big balloons under a lake that are filled with air  and when energy is needed the AIR is released creating a force that can be harnessed to generate electricity.

Mikro Tek – uses naturally occurring soil-inhabiting fungi, which colonize the root tissue of plants to form a structure around the root while allowing the plant to increase moisture and nutrient uptake from the soil, which in turn results in increased plant growth and survival. In turn the plants can absorb carbon dioxide faster.

Regen Energy – Energy management devises that behave like bees, constantly communicating with each other to make sure heating and cooling equipment in buildings only operate when necessary.  Using this kind of “swarm logic” the devicises can reduce peak electrical demand in buildings by up to 30 percent.

Pond Biofuels – Uses raw smokestack emissions from heavy industry to grow algal biomass. Algal biomass has value. One tonne of algae can yield 100 litres or more of diesel, and the residual biomass can be used as a renewable coal substitute.

U of Toronto – spray on solar technology uses quantum dot nanoparticles to capture the full spectrum of the sun. One billionth of a meter –processed in liquid. Quantum dot “inks” can be painted on films to make flexible panels or be spray painted onto a building.

GE Green Innovation Award to two grade 12 female students who figured out how to make an organic glue from banana peels that is stronger than traditional white school glue. They attend a  private High School in North York.

WHO:  Various CEOs, Innovators, and Scientists

WHEN:             Friday, April 13, 2012

                        7:30 AM Exclusive Networking Breakfast

                        8:30 AM Executive Panel Discussion

                        10 AM Private Tour of Green Innovation Exhibit