Furniture for Generations

Furniture for Generations

Eastman Innovation Lab
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From the Eastman #Innovation Lab: Furniture for Generations. Watch the video here via @EastmanChemCo #sustainability

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Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 7:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability at Eastman - The Journey Continues

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“Using a green material is not enough these days,” says Eric Pfeiffer, president and founder of Pfeiffer Lab. “For us, sustainability is about getting to the core of what you’re doing and creating products that people will never throw away and that will stay relevant for years to come.”

“We always make the most sustainable choices we believe when it comes to making decisions for our furniture,” says Derek Chen, founder and CEO of Council. “We develop pieces that we hope people fall in love with. There’s too much stuff in the world where people don’t really care if it breaks or they have to throw it away.” 

Perennial Wood™ is made from pine, a renewable resource, produced and sourced in the United States. It is real wood made to endure, resulting in less material disposal over the long term. “Giving people an option to use a wood product that will perform outdoors is key to the overall success of Perennial Wood,” says Brant Mitchell, market development manager of Eastman.

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