Free Webinar on the Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Practices for Conditioned Attics

Free Webinar on the Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Practices for Conditioned Attics

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Free #webinar on cost-effective #energyefficiency practices for conditioned attics. @owenscorning @greenbuildermag

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Achilles Karagiozis - Director, Building Science, Owens Corning

Owens Corning

Green Builder Media

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 1:15pm

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Changes in California's 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Energy Code (effective July 2014) and implications of the International Residential Code (IRC) R806.5 have made conditioned vs. unconditioned attics an industry hot topic. One issue not up for debate is that regardless of conditioned or unconditioned attics, managing the energy flow used to heat and cool a home is largely based on how the home is – or is not – insulated.  In climates that typically have conditioned attics, options have been historically limited with many professionals defaulting to spray polyurethane foam (SPF) solution. However, a recent case study from KB Home illustrates how the company partnered with Owens Corning to successfully identify a fiberglass solution that maximized performance, energy efficiency and safety. Ultimately, the fiberglass applications delivered high-performance conditioned attics and increased the comfort, durability and energy efficiency of the homes.

To help today’s energy efficient experts stay fully informed of their product options, this educational session will highlight performance results from this case study’s field testing as well as new research data. Ultimately, audience attendees will leave this session with new cost-effective energy efficiency practices for conditioned attics.

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About the Presenter:

Achilles Karagiozis leads the company's Building Science group for Owens Corning. He is accountable for transforming Building Science into a growth engine aimed at accelerating energy efficiency improvements in the built environment.

Prior to joining Owens Corning, Karagiozis worked at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he was a distinguished research engineer and hygrothermal project manager. He was instrumental in the launch of a number of innovative construction material and system products, the development of design guidelines, software tools and code changes. He was formerly the owner of a building science consulting firm named Moisture Group Incorporated, which specialized in construction litigation and the development of design solutions for thermal and moisture control issues.

Karagiozis received his Ph. D. from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, with work at the von Karman Institute in Fluid Dynamics in Saint-Genese Rode, Belgium. He received his M.Sc.E. and B.Sc.E. from the University of New Brunswick in New Brunswick, Canada.