The Everything Guide to Building for Disaster

The Everything Guide to Building for Disaster

Green Builder Media offers comprehensive site on resilient housing.
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Are you ready? #ResilientHousing—a new website offers everything you need to know to build for disaster.

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Friday, October 31, 2014 - 3:30pm

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In the face of nature’s powerful forces, creating tough housing that can handle nature’s extremes makes sense. 

Green Builder Media is proud to announce the launch of its Resilient Housing website. This online resource offers you the documents, plans, articles, and video guides to help you build (or rebuild) a resilient home.

Resilient Housing offers the latest building science news and information grouped in four categories: 

The site offers free downloadable documents that offer detailed tips, drawings, and checklists from disaster specialists.

Plus, stay on top of new products that can help you design and build for extreme weather and natural disasters so your home buyers can live prepared. 

Why do we need Resilient Housing? Read this



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