An Epic Look at Life in 2100: FREE Ebook

An Epic Look at Life in 2100: FREE Ebook

Green Builder Honors Earth Day and the Company’s 10th Birthday by Releasing The Celestia Project: A Free Ebook With an Awesome Message for the Future.
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Happy #EarthDay from @greenbuildermag and a special gift for you to celebrate! #10yearAnniversary

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Green Builder Media

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 1:15pm

CAMPAIGN: The Celestia Project

CONTENT: Press Release

To celebrate Earth Day, Green Builder® Media invites you to download the free ebook The Celestia Project. It is our gift to you—not just in honor of Earth Day but also in celebration of our 10th year in business.

Since 2005, Green Builder Media has produced an award-winning monthly publication to help builders understand sustainable building methods and products, built scores of VISION House® projects across the nation, and helped manufacturers green their companies and products.

We’re nowhere near done.

And that’s why we offer you a look into the future with our Celestia Project, which is essentially a story told “backwards”—starting at a place and time where the major crises of human impacts have been solved and climate change has stabilized. Then we show how we got there.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Videos, audio and slideshows on topics such as the future of human brain technology interaction and why carrots are more expensive than Twinkies.
  • Building science and technology ideas around infrastructure, nanobots, wooden skyscrapers, and augmented reality.
  • Interactive images of “The Good City,” the kitchen of tomorrow, and the future of transportation.
  • Nature’s role in happiness and good living.
  • Forecasts on such topics as water, food, and intelligent living
  • An illustrated timeline that shows how we get to a beautiful and positive future.
  • How resilient housing can help us live with nature’s extremes.
  • Thoughts on the paradox of modern-day misery.

Download this epic book today and get absorbed in a riveting, earth-forward world view.

(Green Builder’s editors welcome you to borrow, use, repurpose, and generally spread the word found in the pages of The Celestia Project (credit to Green Builder Media). For interviews with the book’s author, Green Builder’s Editor-in-Chief Matt Power or to request art or other information, contact Cati O'Keefe.

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