In an Emergency, One Rain Barrel Will Keep Two Adults Alive for a Month

In an Emergency, One Rain Barrel Will Keep Two Adults Alive for a Month

Most estimates suggest that the average adult male needs about 3 quarts of water per day, strictly for drinking.
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One Rain Barrel Will Keep 2 Adults Alive for a Month in an Emergency. #SavingWater #SaveWater

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Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 6:30am

CAMPAIGN: Saving Water


It's rough math, of course, but most adults can survive with less than a gallon a day of fresh drinking water. That's good news, if you're in an extreme drought area and concerned that the municipal source might dry up at short notice. For the moment, lets forget about cooking, washing up, and watering your lawn. This is survival rationing.

rain barrel, an inch of rain in a month, and a roof space of about 10-ft. square (100 sq. ft.). That should fill the barrel.


PRE-DIVERSION. I'd also recommend a couple of other inexpensive add-ons, most importantly a rainwater diverter, which will flush away the first few gallons of water from the roof, which are likely to be carrying dust, pollen and unwanted particles.

FILTRATION. Next, you'll want to filter this found water. One high-tech option is to purchase a 2-gallon Katahdin Gravity Filter bag such as the ones used by serious hikers. I've used one in the tropics before and never got sick from drinking the local fresh water once it went through this bag.

Of course, there are also low-tech solutions. I love this description of a filter "barrel" from 1909, courtesy of Mother Earth News:


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