Eastman's Integrated Global Supply Chain Gets a Green Seal of Approval

Eastman's Integrated Global Supply Chain Gets a Green Seal of Approval

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Eastman's integrated global supply chain gets #green seal of approval from Supply & Demand Chain Executive. http://3bl.me/33p4k6
Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 2:00pm

Eastman’s Integrated Global Supply Chain (IGSC) understands the value of embedding sustainability across the entire supply chain.

From procurement to execution and logistics, the IGSC teams continue to look for improvement opportunities when it comes to managing resources.  And their efforts are being recognized.

Eastman’s IGSC organization has received a 2014 Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive as a leader in sustainable supply chain operations.

Focus areas for IGSC that led to this recognition include:

  • Introducing and maintaining energy efficiency initiatives
  • Improving efficiencies through innovative package design
  • Optimizing the logistics network
  • Collaborating with customers and suppliers to develop sustainable solutions
  • Enhancing transportation safety

IGSC is committed to finding innovative, sustainable solutions when purchasing, selling and shipping materials. In fact, each year Eastman presents Supplier Excellence Awards for Sustainability to suppliers that have implemented a sustainably-advantaged solution. This not only drives sustainable thinking, but innovation and ultimately, positive changes.

Supply Chain Logistics and Execution continue to implement innovative strategies, as well.  For example, the team implemented the octagonal box for shipping Specialty Plastics products, allowing 15% more product per shipment. This decreases the amount of waste created from shipping materials. It also means fewer shipments, also a win when considering environmental measures such as greenhouse gas.  This is just one of many examples across the organization!

This achievement is a reflection of the commitment of each IGSC team member to think outside the box and do what’s right for business and right for the environment.

Congratulations to Eastman's IGSC for this achievement!


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