Dow Jones Releases Anti-Corruption Survey Results for 2014

Dow Jones Releases Anti-Corruption Survey Results for 2014

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Monday, October 27, 2014 - 1:00pm

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In the recent Anti Corruption Survey Results 2014 by Dow Jones, comprehensive findings were introduced about the presence, key elements, and due diligence of anti-corruption programs. Particularly, the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance monitored due diligence processes including frequency, components, and outsourcing. The survey includes insights on challanges companies have had with an anti-corruption compliance program:

“Difficulty accessing information (51%) and evaluating its credibility (59%) remain the main factors hindering due-diligence confidence.  Time (26%) and cost (21%) are the main factors limiting due diligence” (Dow Jones Survey.)

With these challenges in mind, Dow Jones Survey Results reported on the many benefits that anti-corruption regulation can provide to companies.

“The most important benefits of anti-corruption regulation are boosts to company reputations and reinforcement of the compliance message internally. The additional benefits of a ‘more level playing field’ and savings from fraud reductions are also cited by more than half of companies” (Please see Dow Jones image above for details.)

The Dow Jones Survey Results 2014 are insightful for companies who have not yet implemented an anti-corruption compliance program. Cross-border anti-corruption enforcement by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities Exhcnage Commission (SEC) is changing aggressively, and companies need to know where they stand in the context of these changes in order to implement an effective solution.  There are many components companies should consider for an anti-corruption management system, including scope and quality of risk assessment and an anti-corruption compliance team. Source Intelligence, a leading supply chain transparency company, has teamed with the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe) to offer an informative, complimentary, Anti-Corruption Crack-Down Webinar that presents key priorities for addressing supply chain risk, and what can be done to protect companies and brands from corruption. Reserve your spot here for this webinar on leading anti-corruption practices.

Click here for full report on Anti Corruption Survey Results 2014 by Dow Jones.

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