Dell & EPA Sign Agreement Encouraging Improved Electronic Recycling

Dell & EPA Sign Agreement Encouraging Improved Electronic Recycling

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.@Dell and @EPAgov Sign Agreement Encouraging Improved Electronic Recycling
Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 1:30pm


Dell has long been recognized as a leader in recycling computer equipment at the end of its useful life. We continue to make it easier for customers to be green and keep unwanted materials out of landfills to preserve our planet. Yesterday, Dell took that commitment another step further. Dell and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are collaborating to further promote responsible recycling and are encouraging electronics manufacturers to use certified third-party recyclers.

Yesterday at the site of ROUND2, one of Dell’s certified recyclers, Dell CEO Michael Dell signed an agreement with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to further promote producer responsibility and encourage business organizations and consumers to take the right steps in responsibly recycling end-of-life computer equipment. The Dell and EPA agreement comes in conjunction with a national strategy for electronics stewardship, encouraging designing electronics that are easily recyclable and environmentally friendly. Michael Dell used this morning’s event to strongly encourage the electronics industry to take on more. Said Michael, “We encourage everyone in our industry to commit to easier, more responsible recycling as we all work to protect our planet.”
Through the release of yesterday's EPA report, the federal government says it will:
  • enhance the development of more efficient and sustainable electronic products;

  • direct federal agencies to buy, use, reuse and recycle their electronics responsibly;

  • support recycling options and systems for American consumers; and,

  • Strengthen the US’ role in the international electronics stewardship arena. 

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