Counting the Cost of Climate Change - The Minute

Counting the Cost of Climate Change - The Minute

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The economic cost of #ClimateChange in America's heartland #CSRminute @climaterisk
Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 4:00pm


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If nothing is done about climate change, dangerous levels of extreme heat are likely across the Midwest, causing crop losses of corn and wheat up to 69 percent, rising energy costs up to 16 percent higher, and a reduction in labor productivity by three percent. Those are some of the warnings in a report from the Risky Business Project, Heat in the Heartland: Climate Change and Economic Risk in the Midwest. The report notes that “the Heartland” is the nation’s center for commodity agriculture, energy-intensive manufacturing, and transportation logistics. One in five Americans lives in the Midwest, many in its cities: Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cleveland, and St. Louis. The region produces 65 percent of U.S. corn and soybeans, a major share of the wheat crop, and one-third of all U.S. manufacturing operations. “Without action,” warns the report, “climate change will lock in extreme temperature increases across the Midwest, bringing severe risk to the region’s economies.”

The Risky Business Project is a group of business and policy leaders formed to educate American companies about the bottom line costs of climate change. A report on what climate change means for California’s economy is in the works.

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