Corporations That Care, Part 4: Consumer Companies -The Minute

Corporations That Care, Part 4: Consumer Companies -The Minute

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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 6:15pm


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A few consumer facing companies, those in the retail, energy, and food and beverage sectors, scored high in the 2013 annual survey of corporate giving by the Chronicle of Corporate Philanthropy. Ranked as “the most generous,” these corporations gave from .04 percent of their pre-tax profits, reported by Proctor & Gamble, to over 9 percent, the level recorded by Kroger, to a range of major causes. General Mills donated $102 million to education, hunger and food security, and families. Coca-Cola gave $96 million for diversity, health, HIV/AIDS, women’s issues, education, environment and conservation, and recreation. Kroger directed $77 million to hunger and food security issues, human services, local and regional causes, women’s issues, veterans, and education. Proctor & Gamble donated $53 million to housing, human services, and global health programs. State Farm gave $64 million to education and community development. Target directed $147 million to arts and culture, human services, hunger and food security, and education. And Walmart donated $311 million to women’s issues, hunger and food security, environment and conservation, and community development. In the energy sector, Conoco Phillips gave $50 million to civic affairs, health, environment and conservation, education, and arts and culture. Chevron directed $262 million to education, economics, and health issues. And Exxon Mobil gave $213 million to women’s issues, science and technology, education, and health. The substantial sums donated by these corporations show that classic philanthropy still has a significant place on the menu of CSR activities.

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