Consumer Electronics Show 2015: An Abundance of Imagination

Consumer Electronics Show 2015: An Abundance of Imagination

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Green Builder Media CEO, Sara Gutterman

Internet of Things - Green Builder Media

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 4:45pm

CAMPAIGN: Internet of Things


I spent last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—an almost overwhelming ocean of innovation—during which 170,000 people converged on Vegas to see the most advanced and ingenious products, technologies, and prototypes that the human mind can comprehend.   This year’s show was as vibrant and interesting as ever, flaunting lofty visions from inventors and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Everywhere I turned, I was blown away by the extent of human imagination. The show offered a glimpse into the far reaching depths of the digital age, which is currently only in its infancy. There were autonomous vehicles, unmanned flying objects (drones), robots, cloud computing technologies, virtual reality devices, streaming TV systems, wearables, 3-D printing, smartphones, and apps galore.

While TVs, tablets, and gadgets have been CES’ historical purview, this year, connected home technology—which utilizes wireless connectivity and the Internet of Things to enable devices, appliances, products and systems within a home to talk to one another—was the belle of the ball.

Using this smart technology, people can now remotely control their homes in ways that enhances convenience, increases security, optimizes resource efficiency, and decreases costs. HVAC, lighting, and security automation systems were most prevalent at the show, but other categories were represented as well, such as Pella’s Insynctive technology that can open/close windows and blinds; Schlage’s keyless entry systems that can be controlled with your smartphone; and Droplet’s smart water sprinkler system that detects plant location, plant type (so it can allocate the appropriate amount of water), soil conditions, and weather, and provides reports on water use.