Conserving our South Pole: The Antarctica Challenge - A Global Warning

Conserving our South Pole: The Antarctica Challenge - A Global Warning

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A review of The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning. via @Greenopoils

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Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 11:51am


There is a great need to conserve our South Pole. The international award-winning documentary, The Antarctica Challenge, is an HD film that explores the past, present and future of scientific exploration on the world's most mysterious continent with a focus on announcing the latest discoveries on the issue of how Antarctica is changing and what we can do about it. It may seem remote, but conserving Antarctica is key to conserving everywhere else. From Ernest Shackleton's first scientific expedition 100 years ago to today's scientists, old, new and yet unreleased data raise questions about what is happening on Antarctica and its impact on the rest of the world. If Antarctica’s ice sheet slips into the sea, as it is beginning to at a faster than anticipated rate, sea levels would rise worldwide, inundating low lying areas, and altering ecosystems. Antarctica is our “canary in the conservation coal mine”.

The Antarctica Challenge has been invited to the International Polar Year Science Conference in Oslo, Norway, June 8 to 12. Only 10 films were selected to screen to the world's scientific community gathering for this historic event. This film is the only one being screened three times. As well, the film has also been invited to the PolarCINEMA Film Festival taking place in downtown Oslo at the same time.

I just viewed the film. Wow. The cinematography was breathtaking. It is more of a science report—don’t worry,the information is fascinating and you’ll want more when the film is over—than a climate change documentary with an agenda. And I was left feeling hopeful that if we--the global citizens--work together, we can overcome this Antarctica challenge and conserve the South Pole and the rest of the planet. I highly recommend it, and will be sharing it with my 9-year old son.

Disclaimer: The author is not a professional documentary film reviewer.

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