Community Health Charities Offers Back to School Resources for Children Living with Chronic Illnesses

Community Health Charities Offers Back to School Resources for Children Living with Chronic Illnesses

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Community Health Charities Offers Back to School Resources for Children Living w/ Chronic Illnesses @HealthCharities
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 8:00am

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WASHINGTON, D.C., August 11, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Getting back into a school routine after a long summer break can be stressful for children, parents and caregivers alike, especially for children living with a chronic illness who face tremendous obstacles. 

“To get the most from their education, these children need ongoing and coordinated support from their families, schools and healthcare providers,” said Thomas G. Bognanno, president & CEO of Community Health Charities “With the help from the nation’s most trusted health charities, Community Health Charities is able to provide families and school staff the resources and information they need for a safe and successful school year.”

Here are a few Back to School resources from Community Health Charities’ network of nearly 2,000 health charities:

  • ADHD: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health Illness) - 
    • ADHD and School: Helping Your Child Succeed – To better understand how ADHD impacts your child’s school behavior, academic progress and other related issues, it is important to have open communication with your child’s teachers and other key school personnel.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis Foundation –
    • School Success – Information for teachers, parents and students helps make the school experience the best it can be for children with arthritis.
    • Educational Rights & Resources – Whether your child is newly diagnosed or about to enter school, it’s important to know how to obtain the educational assistance he or she may need.
  • Asthma: American Lung Association –
  • Autism: Autism Speaks –
  • Cancer
    • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – 
      • School Program for children undergoing treatment, school can offer a familiar and reassuring routine. This program provides opportunities for children to continue normal educational activities and includes hospital-bound, homebound and re-entry services.
    • City of Hope – 
      • School Re-Entry is an important and exciting milestone for many children, teens and young adults who take a medical leave of absence from school. This program helps patients adjust more quickly to the classroom upon returning to school.
  • Childhood Obesity: Alliance for a Healthier Generation – 
  • Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation –
    • A Teacher’s Guide to CF – It is recommended that you talk with your student’s parents and CF healthcare professionals as well.
  • Diabetes
    • American Diabetes Association –
      • Safe at School – For a student using insulin, diabetes must be managed 24/7, including the many hours spent at school, on field trips and in extracurricular activities.
      •  Back to School Tips – Sending a student with diabetes back to school, whether it’s the first time after a diagnosis or the start of a new school year, requires careful planning and coordination.
      • Healthy Meals for the New School Year – An assortment of healthy recipes that are diabetes-friendly.
    • JDRF International –
      • Back to School: Strategies for Success – About one in 500 young people has type 1             diabetes. There are many things parents can do to build a team that will prevent their children from feeling alone while managing their diabetes at school.
      • T1D in School – Good communication and planning are essential to managing a child’s type 1 diabetes at school. Educate yourself with resources that support families and students.
      • Preparing for College – Diabetes can present new challenges during your college years, so it’s important to form a relationship with your school’s Office of Disability Services.
  • Eye/Vision: Prevent Blindness America –
    • Star Pupils Millions of children in need don’t have access to proper vision care. This program gives parents the information they need to protect their children’s eyes at school and at play.
    • Eye Patch Club - A fun and supportive program for families during a child’s amblyopia patching treatment.
  • Mental Health: Mental Health America –
    • Boost Your School Performance by Taking Care of You – Taking good care of your body and mind can make a difference in how well you do in school and how well you manage change.
    • Bullying and Gay Youth – A study found that 31 percent of gay youth were threatened or injured at school in the last year alone.
    • Talking to Kids about School Safety – Knowing how to talk with your child about school safety issues can be critical in recognizing and preventing acts of violence, and will play an important role in easing fear and anxieties about their personal safety.
    • Back to School – This time can be particularly unnerving and overwhelming for children who are facing transitions, such as starting a new school.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: National Multiple Sclerosis Society –
  • Tourette Syndrome: Tourette Syndrome Association –
    • TSA for Young People - Publications and information particularly for children with TS, plus material that can help educate friends or classmates of children with TS.
    • TS Education – Materials are designed to help students, parents, families, educators and others understand and manage symptoms of TS in the school setting.
    • Bullying Prevention & Strategies – Families often contact TSA to share their experiences and seek support. Stand Up for Tourette Syndrome is a short video about kids and bullying.

For more information and resources for your child and family, visit or call us at 1-800-654-0845.


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