Climate: From Loser to Victor

Climate: From Loser to Victor

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Sara Gutterman, CEO Green Builder Media

Green Builder Media

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Ethical and Sustainable Living


With the outcome of the elections last week, it seemed that any meaningful advances in climate action in the U.S. would come to a screeching halt. That is, until President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced an historic agreement yesterday to cut carbon emissions, with the goal of impeding climate change and encouraging other nations to take similar ambitious action.

If it were up to the 114th Congress, climate policy would be tabled at best, annihilated at worst. 10 newly elected Senators either outright deny that our climate is changing or have a longtime record of voting against environmentally beneficial legislation.

Several of the newly elected politicians are still hiding behind the question of whether humans have caused climate change. But that line of reasoning has become irrelevant—as stated by author Kathleen Dean Moore, “Debates about the causes of climate change have become distractions. If your house is burning down, you don’t stand around arguing about whether the fire was caused by human or natural forces. You do what you can to put out the damn fire. You throw everything at it, and then you hold your breath, because there are people inside that house.”

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how politicians, or the general public, feel about climate change (with that said, recent surveys show that 97% of Americans actually endorse the position that humans are causing global warming.) There is a mountain of research that proves that climate change is here, now, irrespective of its source.


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