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eBay | Circular Economy

Giving products the chance to have many lives and benefit many people.

eBay was driving a circular economy long before most people even knew what it meant. Our first transaction was a broken laser pointer. Instead of sitting unused, it was sold to someone who wanted to give it new life.

More than our history, the circular economy is our future. One where buyers become sellers, giving every item renewed life and value. We work closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and, as members of CE100, we collaborate with other leading companies and engage our eBay community to create a more sustainable economy that’s better for our planet.

Read our Circular Economy story here. 

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Ebay, Akron-Area Merchants Tout Success of Pilot Retail Revival Program
Rahman Wilder drives an Akron school bus by day and spends much of the rest of his time building his clothing business, We Care Tees. We Care Tees was among 100 small businesses in Akron and Warren selected to take part in eBay Inc.’s first Retail Revival one-year program. The Akron-based pilot program has come to what eBay and the merchants say is a successful end. “I...
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When childhood friends Preston Clark and Frank Miller III started Seventh Floor Clothing in Akron, Ohio, in 2016, the new entrepreneurs quickly gained a boost from a hometown hero. One of the streetwear brand’s first products, a “Kiss the Trophy” hat hyping the championship chances of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, was promoted on Instagram by none other than LeBron James. The small...
Jan 22, 2019 10:30 AM ET
eBay VIDEO | Circular Economy: An Engine of the Future
eBay helps give products the opportunity to find renewed life and value. It started with our very first transaction—a broken laser pointer that found a new home—and it continues today as new and preowned items are bought and sold on eBay. By keeping products in circulation longer, we create a robust circular economy that is essential for the sustainability of our planet.  ...
Nov 22, 2017 9:10 AM ET