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Symantec | Talent, Culture, Diversity

With operations in more than 50 countries, Symantec is a truly global company, with a globally diverse workforce. Our ability to attract, develop, promote, retain and fully engage a wide range of talented individuals enhances innovation in our products and services and improves our competitiveness.

We are committed to keeping our diversity and inclusion initiatives front and center. As we continue to expand our efforts, we keep four goals in mind:

  • Expanding the talent pool, and maximizing our access to that pool
  • Helping our workforce understand the paths to advancement and feel supported in their roles
  • Helping our global workforce feel connected to the organization
  • Ensuring accountability on our diversity and inclusion efforts and connecting diversity and inclusion to the business goals of the organization

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Content from this campaign

The Bias Within All of Us
Who me, biased? Yes, you. Well not just you, all of us. Most of you are probably thinking – I am the exception. I know I thought that when I first heard this. However, through my role as a diversity leader I have been challenged to think...
Apr 17, 2015 8:00 AM ET
Women’s History Month: Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives
March is Women’s History Month in the United States, and March 8th marks International Women’s Day around the world.  At Symantec, we want to take this time to reflect on the contributions women have made in the history of technology, celebrate our communities of women...
Mar 5, 2015 8:00 AM ET
Symantec Partners with Global Fund for Women to Help Close Gender Gap in STEM
Throughout my career, I have considered myself a staunch advocate for women's rights and women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). I advocate for more women in STEM not just because I believe in the potential of the STEM and tech sectors to lift millions of women and their families around the world out of poverty and dependence, but also because I feel that diversity...
Jan 28, 2015 1:30 PM ET
On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, A Celebration of Symantec Service
Everybody can be great … because anybody can serve.” So said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Baptist minister and social activist who led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the mid-1950s until his death by assassination in 1968. Every year on Martin Luther King, Jr.(MLK)  Day, Americans from across the country come together to serve their...
Jan 21, 2015 8:00 AM ET
Let’s Talk Diversity
The concept of diversity as a driver of innovation and healthy company culture has been around for a long time. To a large extent, companies have embraced the concept of diversity and inclusion, but there is still a lot of work to be done around integrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion into company culture in ways that result in more engaged employees...
Dec 18, 2014 9:05 AM ET