Sustainable Progress in Haiti: A New Kind of Partnership With Abbott, the Abbott Fund and Partners In Health

Sustainable Progress in Haiti: A New Kind of Partnership With Abbott, the Abbott Fund and Partners In Health

Abbott and the Abbott Fund are working together with Partners In Health (PIH) to find new answers to the longstanding challenges of malnutrition and lack of economic opportunity in Haiti.

The $6.5 million initiative draws on the combined expertise of PIH and Abbott to open a new nutrition production facility in Haiti’s Central Plateau region. The facility will produce Nourimanba, a therapeutic food used to treat severe malnutrition, providing free, life-saving treatment to thousands of children through PIH's clinics in Haiti.

In addition, the facility will produce and sell peanut butter in Haiti. The long-term goal is to create a social enterprise that will be self-sustaining, with revenue from peanut butter sales reinvested in the facility to cover the costs of Nourimanba production.

Every aspect of the partnership aims to expand economic opportunity in the region, with local production, extensive training of Haitian staff, and an agricultural program that will create market opportunities and boost incomes for local farmers.

We've worked with PIH to create a new website to share updates on this important work – please visit

This partnership is an important part of Abbott’s broader work to expand access to health care in Haiti and other developing regions of the world. Since 2007, Abbott and the Abbott Fund have provided more than $57 million in grants and product donations to help address critical health needs in Haiti, including maternal and child health, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition.

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