Supporting a Global Workforce

Supporting a Global Workforce

Working together is our model for success. And no partner is more important to Medtronic than our employees. We work hard to fulfill the fifth tenet of our Mission — to recognize the dignity and the personal worth of all employees. We value an inclusive and diverse global workforce and strive to advance employees’ professional growth, support their health and wellness, and reward them with competitive compensation, benefits, and recognition.

Through a culture of inclusion, we foster a vibrant and diverse Medtronic community that reflects the world in which we live and work. We attract, retain, and develop exceptional, diverse, and collaboratively minded individuals who lend critical insights that contribute to global human welfare.

We expect a lot from our employees. In return, we provide learning and advancement opportunities and a healthy, safe, respectful, and rewarding work environment. These investments in our workforce help accelerate careers and enhance team expertise and productivity. 

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Medtronic Named 2020 Catalyst Award Winner
January 16, 2020 /3BL Media/ – Women play a vital role at Medtronic. From engineers building pacemakers and insulin pumps to sales representatives working in communities around the world, women at all levels of the organization are driving the company’s efforts to transform healthcare. The Medtronic Mission, written in 1960, calls upon the company to recognize the...
Jan 16, 2020 3:00 PM ET
Medtronic Releases First Annual Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Report
An inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace is critical for the success of any company. At Medtronic, this value is rooted in the Medtronic Mission, directing our global company since 1960 to recognize the personal worth of all employees. To highlight our commitment to transparency and accountability, Medtronic released its first annual inclusion and diversity report to the public....
Jan 15, 2020 3:55 PM ET
Diversity in the Workplace: Women in Leadership
While public dialogue — and a commitment by many large companies — to address the gender equality gap is helping raise awareness, the percentage of women in leadership roles, across industries, continues to lag. At Medtronic, action translates into fostering a strong culture of inclusion and accountability; setting aggressive, measurable goals; and implementing policies...
May 15, 2019 9:00 AM ET
Women in I.T., Providing Diversity, Looking to the Future
To most, it’s an antique computer. But to Dawn Bardot, the Commodore 64 brings back special childhood memories. “I would write and play programs,” she recalls. “While other kids were making flashcards, I was programming spelling words into the system and testing myself.” These were the days of 8-bit home computers, BASIC operating systems, and using old television sets as...
Mar 7, 2019 10:20 AM ET
Medtronic Introduces New Family Leave Policy
The Medtronic Family Care Leave (FCL) Policy took effect May 1, 2018, for all full-time and part-time employees in the United States. It provides up to six additional weeks of paid time off for employees to care for sick family members or to support family impacted when a spouse, child or parent is called to active military duty.
Mar 4, 2019 11:10 AM ET