Innovation in Education: Building the Workforce of the Future

Innovation in Education: Building the Workforce of the Future

Description (can't remember if you need this or not): Research indicates that people with more education live longer, healthier lives, yet the American education system continues to lag behind other developed nations in terms of preparing students for success. According to international assessments, American students rank around the middle of the pack in science, math and reading skills. Additionally absenteeism remains higher—and graduation rates lower—in the U.S. compared to other industrialized nations.

In short: Our education system is ripe for innovation. And, with the support of private-sector partners, a growing number of nonprofits and community groups are stepping in to offer new solutions. In this series sponsored by the SunTrust Foundation, we’ll look at innovative new models in early childhood, K-12 and postsecondary education—and dive into how they improve outcomes for students and create the foundation for a life well-lived.

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The U.S. Education System is Ripe for Innovation—And Investment Can Help
Education is a powerful tool. Often seen as an opportunity for advancement both socially and economically, education lies at the center of a country’s ability to grow, thrive and compete in the global economy. It’s no secret; however, that student performance and equitable access to quality education in the U.S. is lagging behind.  The...
Aug 7, 2019 1:15 PM ET


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