Hershey’s CSR Report Progress

Hershey’s CSR Report Progress

The Hershey Company is committed to publishing regular corporate social responsibility reports that give updates on our publicly stated goals and metrics. Our Shared Goodness framework represents our conviction that strong company performance is intrinsically linked to responsible, sustainable operation. We use this model as a filter through which to evaluate and prioritize our existing commitments and new opportunities.

The rewards of operating ethically while delivering strong financial performance, which we call Good Business, create value for our shareholders and build the skills, influence and financial strength that help our many stakeholders achieve a Better Life and Bright Future. Better Life and Bright Future, in turn, benefit the communities upon which we rely and deepen our sense of purpose and teamwork, thus motivating and enhancing our Good Business performance.

• Good Business: Because our business must create value for all of our many stakeholders, we go to great lengths to ensure it is managed in an effective, ethical and fiscally successful manner.

• Better Life: Creating value for all means that the skills, influence and financial strength that we build can help our stakeholders attain more meaningful lives.

• Bright Future: We believe bright futures start with basic nutrition. That’s why we’re expanding beyond our work in children’s education to provide children here and abroad with the basic nutrition they need to learn and grow.

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Hershey: The Heartwarming Project provides students with $250 Action Grants to Create Change
While it has been a challenging year for all of us, in recent years teens have reported increasing levels of stress, anxiety and other mental health challenges, which have only been exacerbated by the events of 2020. However, research has shown that increasing social and emotional competencies such as empathy and inclusion, as well as fostering meaningful connections with peers,...
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Cocoa For Good
Why it matters Every day millions of farmers in West Africa support their families and communities by growing the cocoa that goes into delicious Hershey products. They are the people behind some of our most iconic treats, so we want to help them overcome the biggest issues they face. And the pressure isn’t just on people—farming is placing strain on local environments...
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The Heartwarming Project: Why It Matters
Since 1894, our products and people have helped create little moments of goodness for our consumers—and while these moments are small, they can warm hearts and create lasting memories. Whether sharing a snack, a smile, or even a wave to join the lunch table, such everyday actions can make a big difference, particularly for young people across the U.S., who report increasing levels of...
Feb 5, 2020 4:30 PM ET
Hershey’s Palm Oil Sustainability Journey
In my own life I must admit that I am a frequent user of analogies. I believe they help me describe situations in greater detail and relate the struggles, challenges and triumphs of one journey to another. So as I was lying in bed thinking about this blog post, and how to describe Hershey’s journey in the palm oil sustainability space, I couldn’t resist comparing our work to hiking up a...
Oct 20, 2016 8:50 AM ET
Doing Well by Doing Good is A Lot More Than the Bottom Line
We make choices every day. Hit the snooze again, what do I wear today, where do I eat lunch, latte or cappuccino, paper or plastic? And so on and so on.  We probably make thousands of choices every day. The same thing happens when we think about choosing where we work, what kind of work will I do, where do I want to live and is the company located there? Pay and benefits are important, of...
Jul 21, 2016 9:30 AM ET