Eradicating and Preventing Disease

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Eradicating and Preventing Disease

We are committed to eradicating and preventing disease through partnership. Our breadth gives us a unique view into the helath challenges facing families and communities. We work without boundaries or borders, partnering with entrepreneurs, NGOs, scientists, corporation, governments and others to tackle the most pressing health challeges.

Content from this campaign

A Vaccine for E. coli? Meet a Researcher Hot on the Trail
By Jessica Brown Think of "E. coli," and you probably picture outbreaks of foodborne illnesses that can cause severe stomach cramps, vomiting and more. After all, certain strains of the bacterium are among the most common and potentially lethal causes of food poisoning. But there are other strains of E. coli. Some are harmless gut bacteria, but others—specifically, ...
Apr 26, 2019 3:10 PM ET
How Johnson & Johnson Is Helping Tackle a Devastating Tropical Disease That Impacts Kids
STH. It's an illness you likely haven't heard of, yet it affects approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide, making it one of the world's most common infections. It's short for soil-transmitted helminthiasis, also known as intestinal worm infections, and it results from being exposed to contaminated...
Apr 10, 2019 1:45 PM ET
"We Weren't Supposed to Get Tuberculosis": Meet Two Surprising Survivors Who Could Be You
A 20-something photographer. A famous TV personality. They share one thing in common that you'd never expect—both have triumphed over tuberculosis. For World TB Day, we share their inspiring stories. An estimated 10 million people are infected with active tuberculosis (TB) each year, and around ...
Mar 27, 2019 10:15 AM ET
Johnson & Johnson Announces 10-year Initiative to Help End Tuberculosis, the World’s #1 Infectious Killer
NEW YORK, February 8, 2019 /3BL Media/ - Ahead of the first-ever United Nations (UN) High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (TB), Johnson & Johnson announced a comprehensive 10-year initiative in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal target of ending the TB pandemic by 2030. With the goal of saving an estimated 1.8 million lives and preventing 12 million new TB infections...
Feb 8, 2019 9:15 AM ET
Do Heart Disease, Diabetes or Prostate Cancer Run in Your Family Tree? Experts Share How You Can Help Reduce Your Risk
Your DNA doesn’t have to determine your medical future if you consider taking some steps to help lower your chances of developing these conditions, which tend to have genetic ties. Look around your family dinner table this holiday season and you’ll probably notice some recurring characteristics that have been passed down from generation to generation through the genes in your clan’s DNA...
Jan 16, 2019 11:30 AM ET