Environment: Building a More Sustainable Future

Environment: Building a More Sustainable Future

For Bacardi, environmental sustainability is good business – an approach that dates to the very beginning of the company more than 157 years ago. When Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó started his business in 1862, he accepted the Spanish government’s challenge to reduce surplus amounts of molasses in Cuba, leading to the crafting of BACARDÍ® rum. Repurposing old whisky barrels to age his rum was also part of his original plan, a practice still in use today. Our environmental sustainability commitment has grown over seven generations and our vision is to be the world's most environmentally responsible spirits company. Our focus areas for building a more sustainable future include water, climate change, and waste. As the first global spirits company to pledge against single-use plastic straws in March 2016, we continue our efforts to find more ways to remove non-essential, non-recyclable single-use plastic waste and are currently reviewing opportunities across our supply chain.

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