Dell Focus Area | People (Diversity and Inclusion)

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Dell Focus Area | People (Diversity and Inclusion)

We are committed to attracting the world’s greatest talent; building diverse, inclusive teams; and delivering breakthrough performance for our team members, businesses and customers. We do this by embodying the shared values outlined in our Culture Code: customers, winning together, innovation, results and integrity.

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Creating a workplace that is inclusive
Diverse and inclusive teams help our team members feel valued, engaged and inspired to do their best work in service of our customers.

Cultivating our external brand
The enduring relationships we create with our partners helps Dell drive its diversity and inclusion strategy into the marketplace.

Growing a diverse workforce
In order to serve our customers' needs, we must be committed to having a diverse workforce that reflects our customer base.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
Our ERGs create a platform of networking, leadership development, community volunteer opportunities and avenues for driving business results.

2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update website: People
Explore the people section of Dell FY18 2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update website:

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