Straus Family Creamery Supports Prop 37 with Multimedia Campaign

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Straus Family Creamery Supports Prop 37 with Multimedia Campaign

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.@StrausOrganic supports @CARighttoKnow and #Yeson37 with Cowtalk multimedia campaign

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 5:00am

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This November 6th, vote YES on Prop 37

We believe that consumers have a fundamental right to know what we are eating and feeding our children. Labeling foods containing GMOs will empower consumers to make informed choices. We believe in empowering consumers so that we can affect positive change in the US food system.

About Prop 37

The CA Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012, also known as California Proposition 37, is a unique voter opportunity to raise awareness about GMOs in the United States. We recognize the great educational value Prop 37 brings to the general public in California.

Prop 37 is a great step in the right direction. At Straus Family Creamery, we believe that GMOs have no place in our food system.  We will continue working toward that goal and Prop 37 will provide the foundation for that work. All eyes are on California. If passed, the Right to Know Act will encourage other states to follow California consumers’ leadership.

Please join the almost one million people who signed the petition to get this very important initiative on the ballot and vote Yes on Prop 37 in November.

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All of our Proposition 37 support materials, including the ones on our packaging, are paid for by Straus Family Creamery, Inc.