CSR Investor Summit Introduces New ESG Ratings Portal - The Minute

CSR Investor Summit Introduces New ESG Ratings Portal - The Minute

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Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 4:30pm


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I’ve just returned from the 2nd Annual CSR Investing Summit held in New York, presented by S-Network Global Indexes, a data consulting firm. S-Network has collaborated with Thomson Reuters to create an ESG ratings portal that scores 4,600 companies representing a global market cap of $44 trillion on environmental, social, and governance factors. The Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings use data from Thomson Reuter’s Asset Four, a research business that provides detailed ESG information based on 250 key performance indicators and 750 data points.

The KPIs cover factors such as carbon emissions, water usage, workplace safety, compensation policy, and disclosure practice. The bottom line numbers produce eight numeric values for each company screened: ratings and percentile ranks that cover separate E, S, and G areas, and an aggregate ESG score. The TRCRR ESG Portal carries a suite of 12 ESG-focused indexes that deploy this data across countries, regions, sectors, and industries. There were many key points that emerged from the several dozen speakers on nine panels at the Summit, but all speakers repeatedly underlined one major conclusion: that ESG factors are material in analyzing a company’s performance. From governance to stewardship, from risk mitigation to upside revenue, current data-driven research proves the value of including ESG elements when measuring a company’s current and future investment potential.

I’m John Howell for 3BL Media.

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