CSR Initiative of the Year Winner: UK Packaging Awards 2015

CSR Initiative of the Year Winner: UK Packaging Awards 2015

Global Action Plan – Fresher for Longer Schools funded by INCPEN and the Packaging Federation
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Fresher for Longer School Project makes students aware of food waste prevention, wins UK award @Sealed_Air http://bit.ly/1Xc7r7o


Sealed Air, whose Food Care Division provides packaging solutions that reduce food waste through both extended shelf life and increased food safety was a key contributor in the Fresher For Longer program.  Their partner school in the project, Alfreton Grange Arts College, was the winning school in the most recent contest.  Sealed Air team members partnered with students to educate them on the importance of packaging in reducing food waste and to mentor them in developing new ideas to reduce food waste in their own homes.  Additionally, the company is rolling out site-based employee events to educate its own population on the topic of food waste and how to reduce it, starting at home and at work.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 11:25am

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INCPEN’s Global Action Plan (GAP) initiated a Fresher for Longer School’s Project to make people aware that packaging helps reduce food waste.

Environmental behaviour change charity GAP managed the project – an extension of the Fresher for Longer Campaign – part of WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, and also worked with the Packaging Federation, and the Food and Drink Federation.

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View the full story of the Sealed Air partnership with Alfreton Grange in the company's latest sustainability report at www.sealedair.com/sustainability-report