Building in the High Country

Building in the High Country

Summer at Mariposa Meadows in Colorado has been interesting so far, to say the least.
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Summer at the #VHMariposa in #Colorado has been interesting so far. #greenbuilding

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Mariposa Meadows in Colorado by Green Builder Media

VISION House at Mariposa Meadows

Green Builder Media

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 8:25am

CAMPAIGN: VISION House at Mariposa Meadows


WE FACE SOME unique challenges here, as well as some that are more universal to the building industry. The apparent victory in the beaver battles last fall has proven to be less than conclusive. After several months of ignoring the main irrigation gate, our furry friend recently mounted a new offensive and overwhelmed the previously invincible “beaver deceiver” by plugging the intake with large chunks of willow and aspen, followed by reams of grasses—all topped off by an impressive volume of thick mud.

Rest assured: we have not given up the fight. Each day, we return to the ditch bank to pry out all of the soggy materials and debris that were stuffed in the night before, always amazed at the industriousness of our adversary. We release the flow of water from the main stream through the decades-old, hand-dug ditches that distribute the cold, clear liquid over the many acres of meadow grasses and wild flowers—even though we know at this point that the beaver will be back under cover of darkness to start the process all over again.

Moose sightings have been frequent, as well. Cows with calves and at least two very impressive bulls—still in velvet as their gigantic racks of points and palmations grow bigger and heavier with each passing day—cruise the beaver ponds and thick brush, causing the occasional traffic jam on the forest road. Jeep-loads of astonished flatlanders take countless photos on their phones to send back home as proof of their high-country adventures.


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