Building Codes Made a Difference in Chile and A New Clean Energy Initiative

Building Codes Made a Difference in Chile and A New Clean Energy Initiative

Green Builder Media's September 24, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter
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Building Codes Made a Difference in Chile and a New Clean Energy Initiative in this week's Vantage

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Residents cross among the rubble after an earthquake hit areas of central Chile, in Coquimbo city, north of Santiago, September 17, 2015. REUTERS/IVAN ALVARADO

One of the provisions in the new White House initiative seeks to provide solar installations to housing on 40 military bases throughout the country.

Monday, September 28, 2015 - 11:55am

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Chile's Earthquake Experience This Week Proves the Worth of Good Building Codes The quake, which killed 11 people on Wednesday, could have been much, much worse, if the country had not revamped its building codes.

A New Green Initiative from the White House President Obama announces executive actions and private sector commitments that promote the use and development of smart, simple, low-cost technologies to help America transition to cleaner, more distributed energy resources.

Hope and Scandal: This Week in Climate News Progress and setbacks for climate action are coming from the most unexpected places.

Charging Ahead Making charging technology simpler and more efficient—and educating builders about it—will help accelerate demand for electric vehicles.

Pre-Packaged Pumps and Variable Speed Flow Can Save Labor and Energy Combining the two can lead to efficient operation and energy savings.

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