Avoiding High-Risk Ingredients Essential for Non-GMO Food Manufacturers: Webinar

Avoiding High-Risk Ingredients Essential for Non-GMO Food Manufacturers: Webinar

SCS helps companies navigate these risks and other potential pitfalls

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Register https://bit.ly/2LqRoyn for free SCS webinar to reduce risk while seeking #Non-GMO Verified distinction for products. Learn to navigate around high-risk ingredients & avoid other pitfalls. July 11 9:30am Pac. VIDEO https://bit.ly/2JyBTHt DETAILS https://bit.ly/2CKzu5a
Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 3:00pm

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With consumer demand for non-GMO foods on the rise, food companies are increasingly making the decision to formulate their products to earn Non-GMO Project Verified distinction (see VIDEO). However, as many food companies have discovered, steering clear of GMOs can be tricky, given the pervasive degree to which genetically modified commodities and their derivatives have penetrated the world market.  The Non-GMO Project identifies well-known products such as corn, soy and alfalfa as high-risk, as well as meat, dairy, eggs, natural flavors, and more.

Lucy Anderson, Technical Services Manager of SCS Global Services’ third-party Non-GMO Project Verification team, will be helping companies learn to navigate around high-risk ingredients, and avoid other pitfalls, in the quest to produce market-ready non-GMO products.  Join Lucy on July 11th at 9:30 am Pacific time by registering for this one hour free webinar.  For more information, contact Ned Halaby at nhalaby@scsglobalservices.com, 1.510.452.6822.