Are You Capitalizing on DIY Fundraising? [August 2013 Newsletter]

Are You Capitalizing on DIY Fundraising? [August 2013 Newsletter]

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Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 7:10am

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Officially sanctioned or not by beneficiaries, do-it-yourself fundraising built around anything from virtual food drives to mountain climbs is growing rapidly. Giving up control to volunteers can be scary for nonprofit executives accustomed to owning and operating event programs. 

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network was sceptical when 2013 Cash Sweat & Tears award winner, Julie Weiss, first broached the idea of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer in her father's memory.  "Looking back" said PANCAN VP Jenny Isaacson, "it's hard to believe that we ever doubted Julie's ability to reach her goals...[Julie] has already set new goals for herself to benefit our organization, and she has vowed never to stop supporting the pancreatic cancer community."


The power of independent fundraising has led many organizations to reassess how they work with supporters who want to do their own thing.   According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The LIVESTRONG Foundation hopes to increase its fundraising efficiency by shifting away from proprietary events like the LIVESTRONG Challenge and instead providing more support to independent initiatives.  


Are you wondering how to capitalize on this growing trend? Struggling with balancing the support do-it-yourselfers need with your flagship events? Then sign up today for our free September 17webinar on just this topic.


Until then, enjoy the waning days of summer!


David Hessekiel


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  • Atez Interactive has been acquired by FrontStream Payments
  • Tough Mudder announced a global partnership with self-service ticketing and registration platform, Eventbrite
  • The first organized charity ride in Arizona's Southwest Valley, Trails 4 Trails on September 28, announced that celebrated cyclist and coach Robbie Ventura will serve as its celebrity guest
  • Nearly 1,500 people turned out for New York's first-ever MoonWalk, an overnight event to raise breast cancer awareness
  • The Spartan Charity Challenge in September 22, is recruiting charity teams to run and win $5,000 in prizes
  • Over 150 people joined MS Cycle for a Cure for their first indoor cycling event to raise awareness and critical funds for MS research


Raising Big Dollars By Letting Supporters Do Their Own Thing

September 17 | 1:30 pm ET

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Requests from supporters to create their own peer-to-peer fundraising programs have long made nonprofit executives squeamish. Typical reactions range from: "For Pete's sake, why don't they just get in line and take part in what we've worked so hard to produce?" to "What kind of trouble are these people going to cook up without our close supervision?" Those attitudes have done little to tamp down people's desires to go the independent route. Do-it-yourself online fundraising platforms make it easy for supporters to go out and hold their own programs with or without approval. The diversity of ways people are leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising on their own is tremendous from climbing mountains to asking for birthday donations to hosting virtual food drives. Many flexible nonprofit organizations that embrace this trend instead of fighting it are reaping big benefits. Join us as Blackbaud's Nancy Palo and the San Diego Zoo's Marcia Barr describe how to make the do-it-yourself fundraising movement work for your organization. 

Email Marketing Clinic: Subject Lines That Get Opened

October 17 | 1:30 pm ET

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Your subject line has one purpose: to get your email opened. They must pack a powerful punch because they are the difference between an opened email and a trashed one. This online training session is designed for busy professionals in the trenches who want to learn about best practices and practical actionable takeaways that will help your organization reach the next level and create impact for years to come.

What you'll learn during this interactive seminar:

  • Characteristics of emails that get opened
  • The key to writing email subject lines for mobile readers
  • Words that work in headlines - and words that don't
  • How to write email subject lines for just about every situation
  • How to write visually so the reader has a clear image in mind
  • How to use our blueprints and checklists to inspire your writing

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