Security Upgrade Protects Its Green Hosting Customers Security Upgrade Protects Its Green Hosting Customers

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 12:05pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BL Media) April 30, 2012 -, the world’s most responsible, green web hosting company, announced today the deploying of a network wide IP Reputation-based cloud service that blocks malware related traffic to and from our network.

The real-time IP Reputation Service automatically delivers block lists against criminal malware (botnets, Trojans, backdoors, worms, etc.) to protect our network and servers against the most serious information security problem today. At we understand just how crucial your data is and your online presence is the lifeblood of your business – you need to be sure it’s safe and secure.

"We looked around for a IP Reputation Service that offers great protection for our customers and their mission-critical services, and ThreatSTOP clearly is the solution for us," said Phil Nail, CTO of  "ThreatSTOP protects our HIPPA-compliant customers in the healthcare industry from the worst of the botnets and malware out there bombarding just about everyone on the Internet 7 x 24."

To help protect our customers even further, we have decided to deploy ThreatSTOP, a leading online security solution protecting countless businesses from malware attacks, across the entire network. Whether you’re using our shared web hosting services, co-location, dedicated servers or you’ve got VPS's in our cloud running your business - whatever plan you have, you are covered by our new security upgrades.

Online security concerns
Arguably the most serious and widespread online security problems faced by organizations today are botnet, backdoors, worm and other malware attacks. The threats affect everyone on the Internet – which is most people and definitely all businesses! Organized criminal organizations use malware to steal highly sensitive and valuable data. Cyber-criminals are often more sophisticated than their victims and they certainly capitalize on this advantage.

How is protecting your online data
The newest piece of arsenal in our security infrastructure is ThreatSTOP, an IP reputation based service that protects networks from criminal malware attacks. What it does is enables firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic, preventing the theft of valuable data. ThreatSTOP lets firewalls know about threats in real-time and allows networks to automatically stop any incoming or outgoing traffic from known malware sites. It’s a cloud based system that prevents theft by making sure there are no firewall or network holes where malicious malware can slip through undetected.

In layman’s terms – we’re stopping the bad guys in their tracks.

About AISO's mission is to be the most reliable and responsible green web hosting company.  AISO hosts all kinds of websites, from small simple sites to large data intensive websites for the movie industry, even, the company that certifies carbon offests.  Other companies are buying carbon offsets to ease their environmental conscience, but AISO is running its own green data center and network that is powered by on-site solar panels.