8760Inc Selects Energy Points Source-to-Site Energy Analytics to Enhance Its Sustainable Performance Plan™

8760Inc Selects Energy Points Source-to-Site Energy Analytics to Enhance Its Sustainable Performance Plan™

Energy Points Source Energy Analytics Will Give 8760Inc Customers Full Insight into Their Energy Supply Chain and Support Decision-Making that Goes Beyond Energy Efficiency to Achieve Energy Resilience

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 11:30am

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Boston, MA, May 13, 2014 /3BL Media/ – Energy Points today announced that it has been selected by market-leading energy management firm 8760Inc to enhance its energy efficiency and sustainability offering. The New York City-based company has integrated Energy Points source energy analytics into its platform to provide its customers with insight into their entire energy supply chain—from source to site. It has begun rolling out the new solution to key customers, including Fortune 100 Banking and Retail Clients.

“The value of Energy Points was immediately apparent to us when we saw how quickly the platform processed vast amounts of customer site data to provide source energy analytics that was intuitive and actionable,” says Len Pisano, CEO of 8760Inc. “We are able to make apples-to-apples comparisons between electricity, water, fuels, and materials. That means we can determine which of these resources and which locations are the most problematic—in other words, determine where energy efficiency projects will have the greatest payback. And if our customers are looking to implement distributed energy solutions, we can advise them on which technology is best suited where. What would normally take us weeks to diagnose, now takes just minutes.”

Aggregating consumption data and bills into sleek dashboards is not enough for the modern enterprise. In the face of severe weather patterns, aging infrastructure, and wider recognition that long-term profits and environmental impact are linked, companies want to ensure their energy supply chain is as resilient as it is sustainable. Only Energy Points analyzes energy supply from source to site, providing the most accurate, comprehensive, and intuitive energy analysis on the market today.

“For the last decade, organizations have focused on energy efficiency within buildings,” says Dr. Ory Zik, Founder & CEO of Energy Points. “To achieve efficiency and resilience across the entire energy supply chain you have to look back to the energy source. Advances in big data have made comprehensive geospatial and temporal energy information available. At Energy Points, we’ve developed physics-based algorithms to make sense of the data, quantifying and analyzing source energy. 8760 very quickly understood our value to their customers and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.”

Recognizing that corporations need energy efficiency across their entire energy supply chain (not just at site), 8760Inc is pioneering the way for corporate energy supply resilience and sustainability with Energy Points source energy intelligence.


About Energy Points
Energy Points provides source energy intelligence software. Organizations use its SaaS platform to manage and optimize their energy supply chains. It is the only company to analyze source energy—measuring total energy use from the source through the site of consumption, while accounting for resource risk and environmental impact. The Energy Points platform functions as a calculation engine for source energy. It takes customers’ on-site energy consumption data and maps it to a database of geospatial source energy data and analytics, conducting a full energy lifecycle analysis of electricity, water, fuels, and materials. By quantifying source energy the company is able to measure these different resources with a single energy metric, enabling decision-making across them, including: when to invest in distributed energy alternatives, which sources present the least risk and environmental impact, and, based on location, which energy efficiency projects will have the greatest energy and financial returns.

Energy Points is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. Visit energypoints.com for more information.