U.S. Chamber BCLC "Frontier Markets" Global CSR Conference

U.S. Chamber BCLC "Frontier Markets" Global CSR Conference

The 21st century has led us to exciting opportunities for companies of all sizes, all types, to partner with governments and NGOs to advance human and economic progress. Opportunities are great, but so are the challenges. Join the U.S. Chamber BCLC and its Global Corporate Citizenship Working Group at this high-impact, results-focused event in Washington.


  • Investigate obstacles inside existing partnerships and discuss how they can be improved.
  • Showcase regional bet practices for partnership models in frontier markets.
  • Participate in workshops on: International Volunteering, Metrics and Evaluation for CSR, Responsible Business Practices, and International Disasters.   
  • Gain insight into the millennial viewpoint on CSR in relation to global development and human progress.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives with a corporate social responsibility role
  • Corporate citizenship practitioners and advisors
  • NGO partners to business
  • Government officials focusing on trade, development, and global humanitarian affairs
  • Ambassadors and American Chamber of Commerce executives representing frontier markets

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