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The Pharos Project connects you to a network of building professionals and manufacturers committed to transparency as a core value on the path to sustainability. Pharos is not a certification or label, it is information: the critical health and environmental data about the manufacture, use, and end of life of building materials specified and used every day all delivered in an easy to use web based tool.

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Buyer Beware: Chemicals of Concern Found in Flooring & Wallcoverings
by Tom Lent Heavy metals and other toxic chemicals are still widespread in some types of interior finishes according to a major study of home improvement products released today. Researchers from tested a wide range of national and local brand flooring and wallpaper products and discovered lead, phthalates, brominated...
Oct 21, 2010 11:35 AM ET
Pharos Applauds and Supports First Living Building Challenge Certified Projects
Congratulations to the first three projects to meet the Living Building Challenge℠ design standard for healthy sustainable buildings! This is an impressive accomplishment, coming less than four years after the Cascadia Green Building Council launched this ambitious high-bar standard, which requires not only excellent “beyond LEED” design,...
Oct 13, 2010 12:05 PM ET
Pharos Cuts Through Endangered Wood Confusion
Use of biobased materials whether from agricultural plants or from trees is appealing in green building due to their renewable nature.  However, overharvesting, plantation farming, chemical use and other problems threaten many species of trees with extinction as well as threatening entire forest habitats and the animals and humans that depend upon them. In order to help green...
Aug 30, 2010 1:25 PM ET
Pharos Helps EPA with Insulation Study
Pharos is partnering with the EPA to insure that the insulation used in federal stimulus funded home weatherization programs is healthy and low in environmental impact. In a special project with EPA Region 9 and StopWaste, Pharos is surveying cellulose, fiberglass and cotton products to understand the current state of the industry on a variety of key parameters set by the EPA,...
Aug 27, 2010 2:15 PM ET
Exploring the Pharos Research Process
Title: Exploring The Pharos Research Process Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM EDT Register now
Jul 9, 2010 3:50 PM ET